We offer all-encompassing software solutions tailored for the automotive industry, empowering you to efficiently and lucratively oversee and improve your networks of customers and dealers.
Our Solutions
  • Retention for finance companies, know your clients equity position, providing digital pathways for new car transitions, facilitating seamless integrations, and directing digital leads straight to the originating dealer.
  • Create leads and trade-in possibilities directly through your website, seamlessly linked to your branded applications. No code required.

  • Manage your own vehicle trading platform, oversee users, establish pricing, and maintain complete control and oversight.
  • Fleet operators - digital inspection tools for a streamlined handback process, ensuring efficiency, speed, and cost savings, and OH&S requirements.
  • Real-time reporting, AI-driven analysis to pinpoint areas for process enhancement, and recommendations aimed at boosting conversion rates, all complemented by benchmarking.
  • Enable secure transactions between parties using escrow, automate invoicing, and seamlessly integrate with leading accounting platforms. Instill a heightened level of trust in your platform.
Why Fluidauto
Our mission is to provide innovative and indispensable software solutions to the automotive industry. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates into any existing platform, empowering automotive businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our mission is rooted in the belief that technology should enhance and simplify the operations of automotive enterprises, fostering efficiency, agility, and sustained growth.

By prioritising seamless integration, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional automotive practices and the transformative potential of modern software solutions. Our commitment to compatibility ensures that our clients can effortlessly incorporate our software into their existing systems, maximising the value of their technology investments without disruption.

Fluidauto has transformed the automotive industry with innovative software that suits your specific needs.
About Fluidauto
3 years of development, global users, constant upgrades and feature enhancements. A scalable, modular platform for your business, API driven.

We have left nothing to chance, and that is why our clients love our software.
Our Users
We have a wide range of corporate clients across a range of automotive fields.
Finance Companies
Lease Companies
Rental Companies
Dealer Groups
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